At RJP, we are naturally keen to promote Town Planning as a career. Earlier this year, Ted Blackmore, an MSc Planning student from the University of Manchester approached us with a view to gaining some work experience. In April, he completed a two week placement with us. Ted carried out valuable work for the team, both project related and some more general research, and was involved in team discussions throughout his placement. Ted was able to gain an understanding of the variety of work RJP undertakes, and what being a planner can actually entail. The tasks also helped Ted to better understand the planning system and processes in practice.

“I thoroughly¬†enjoyed my time at RJP. The team are friendly and approachable, which made me fee comfortable and involved from the offset. The positive working environment meant I could ask questions, discuss current projects and broaden my planning knowledge. I would highly recommend RJP for anyone looking for work experience.”

Ted Blackmore, MSc Planning student, The University of Manchester

Having Ted join us for work experience was beneficial not only to Ted, but for RJP too, and we realised we could offer this opportunity to others who may be looking for experience in the built environment sector.  We have subsequently been working with Regeneration Brainery to raise awareness of the opportunity at RJP Town Planners, and we are keen to encourage all other planning practices to actively offer opportunities to future town planners.