Being stuck in numerous lockdowns throughout the past year, and enduring a cold and rainy winter was beginning to take it’s toll on the team. We found that we were struggling to find motivation to leave the house and get some well needed fresh air.

As some of the team are a tad competitive, we thought it would be a good idea to set up a virtual walking mission, using My Mission. For the first mission, we aimed to walk a minimum of 97.3km each. The route was a loop around the Greater Manchester area. We walked 430km between us and donated a £ for every km walked to The Mustard Tree Charity.

The Mustard Tree is a local charity, combatting against homelessness and poverty in Manchester. They assist people with changing their life, and securing better accommodation. As a charity, there rely on donations, whether that be cash, food, or goods. Going forward, we hope to be more involved with the charity and participate in volunteer days.

The second mission we did was a coast to coast walk from Seascale to Whitby, with the distance being 265.7km. Becky won!